About Us

International African Society of Sciences

Welcome to the International African Society of Sciences (IASS), a global community dedicated to connecting, empowering, and recognizing the contributions of African researchers accross the globe. Established in the year 2022, IASS stands as a beacon of collaboration, knowledge exchange, and scholarly excellence among those who carry Africa’s intellectual legacy worldwide.

Our Mission: At IASS, our mission is to serve as a unifying force for African researchers in the diaspora by providing a forum for collaborative learning, growth, and innovation. Our objectives include:

Global African Network:

We connect African researchers who are spread out across the continents, establishing deep bonds, interdisciplinary partnerships, and the exchange of diverse perspectives.

Showcasing African Excellence

We are dedicated to highlighting the remarkable achievements and impactful research of African scholars on a global stage.

Supporting Scholarly Advancement

We are committed to providing resources, mentorship, and opportunities to nurture academic and research excellence.

Amplifying African Voices

We strive to give voice to African researchers, ensuring their unique perspectives and insights in order to contribute to the global discourse in academia and beyond.

What we Offer

Global Connections

We offer a worldwide network of like-minded African researchers, facilitating collaboration, knowledge sharing, and career advancement across borders.

Research Publications

Our society publishes peer-reviewed journals, showcasing cutting-edge research and insights across a wide range of scientific disciplines.

Engaging Events

We hosts virtual and in-person conferences, symposia, and workshops that encourage knowledge exchange, networking, and professional development.

Career Enhancement

We provide career development resources and mentorship programs designed to support our members in their academic and professional journeys.

Join Our Global Community

Whether you’re a seasoned researcher, an aspiring scholar, or simply passionate about contributing to African research excellence, IASS welcomes you to become part of our dynamic and supportive community.
By joining IASS, you will embark on a journey of collaboration, discovery, and impact. Together, we can harness the collective strength of African researchers in the diaspora to address global challenges, promote African innovation, and advance the frontiers of knowledge.
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